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Whether you have a large, growing Veterinary organisation that is on a hiring blitz or you have a tight knit, stable team that unexpectedly has an opening, when the time eventually comes around to having to write compelling Ad copy and text, just about everyone can draw a blank...except us...which is why we also offer our Job Campaign Copy Writing Service.

  • Just to advise you that the ECC position at...has been filled, are we able to have this advert removed early? Thank you for your assistance, I will definitely use your service again...
    Emma C
    Emergency and Critical Care GM
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  • The team at Vet and Pet Jobs have been exceptional to deal with, the site is easy to use and we have been pleasantly surprised with not just the volume, but also the quality of candidates.
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Level Up Your Veterinary Nurse and Veterinary Technician Career

As the world starts taking puppy and kitten and duckling steps back toward some semblance of normalcy in varying degrees around the world, for many the challenges have been a wake-up call. Veterinary nursing is a calling and the passion and care that our Veterinary Technicians and Nurses display, often the front line of veterinary care, is to be admired. No practice can exist without your compassion, commitment and knowledge. The personal rewards are to be cherished, but the reality is that we all have to live in an ever-expensive world. It’s not until you step up a few rungs that your income starts to meet your lifestyle and gives you that little bit more to build a buffer for the unexpected be it car repairs, family support or yes, a pandemic. So to help you make that next step or three in your career, we asked some of the leading Vet Nurses and Technicians around the world who have achieved personal, professional and financial success, to share their advice on accelerating your career.

How To Write (and for candidates, read between the lines of) The Perfect Veterinary Job Ad

Given the generally recognised shortage of Veterinarians, Veterinary Technician and Vet Nurses, particularly in regional areas, attracting, retaining and developing your team has never been more important. Whilst focusing on retention and development is essential, when it comes time to recruit your next team member, as an Owner, Partner or Practice Manager, today you have to pitch yourself and your practice to potential candidates. An effective job ad, or Job Campaign as we prefer to describe it, is not just a job description and a list of equipment. Today it must be a carefully crafted message aimed at reaching, attracting and engaging the best qualified candidates for your job.

Networking is the Best Medicine – 5 Ways to Boost Your Career Through Your Contacts

If the term “networking” makes you think of people in suits, all wearing “Hi, My Name Is…” labels, scanning the room for influential people to talk to, as you stand awkwardly in the corner, you are not alone. However, modern networking is actually not a painful process, and it can have significant impact on your career prospects. Here are five easy ways you can boost your veterinary career without the awkwardness of name labels!

Why Choose Vet & Pet Jobs?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA and similar bodies in the UK, Europe, Australia and worldwide, opportunities for Veterinarians are set to climb by 19 percent through 2026, while roles for Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Technicians will increase by 20 percent in that same time frame.

Searching generic job boards that show all types of jobs can be a daunting and painful ordeal. Hours spent clicking through job sites can leave you worried and stressed about your current situation. That is why Vet & Pet Jobs was created. We wanted to eliminate the need to jump from job site to job site to find an opportunity working as a Veterinarian, Vet Nurse, Vet Technician, Vet Associate, Vet Practice Manager or Pet Retail, Management, Grooming or other animal care jobs.

Here at Vet & Pet Jobs our vet jobs Campaigns reach across the complete range of veterinary jobsVeterinarian jobs, Emergency Veterinarian jobs, Veterinary Nurse jobs, Locum Veterinarian jobs and many more. Browse by job type, state or city and click through to each Job Campaign for all the details plus each one has a quick video to help you drill down to the key elements in each veterinary job to help you decide on which ones to apply for.

Job Seekers can register and create daily or weekly Job Alerts to notify you when new career opportunities are posted. So, whether you are looking for veterinary jobs in Greater London or Birmingham or Edinburgh or Liverpool or Manchester and all points in between in the UK, as well as across all of Europe, you can find the best veterinary jobs for your next career step.

And for Veterinary Hospitals and Vet Clinics, you can find the best veterinary professionals  – GP Veterinarians, Emergency Vets, Associate Vets, Vet Nurses and Relief Vets and Nurses – across the United Kingdom and Europe and build your team – register and post your Job Campaign today.

Looking farther afield? Then it’s time to explore Veterinary Jobs in the USA or our Veterinary Jobs in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


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